Do What You LOVE

Find what your good at, what feels right, what you love to do.

Find that thing that you would do even if you weren’t being paid.

Find your Kung Fu.

And your Spirit will be free to roam

play with life, work, and, relationships that inspire you


For me, there are a few things that feel good and I do them all with care and heart.   Some might call that with and attention to details. But, for me it’s more than that, it is intention and purpose.

Why write a post online if it’s not going to inspire your target customer?  Or book a speaking engagement if you’re not sure what to say?  Or build a marketing funnel when you’re not 100% committed to what you want to sell and to whom you want to sell it?

Knowing why you’re doing something before you do it allows you to succeed.  I’ve watched so many women rush into a career, a relationship or starting a business without understanding and fully committing to their purpose for doing it.  And honestly, it never turns out well.  They never find or feel success.

I don’t want that for you.  Heck, I don’t want that for any woman.  I want you to find your excellence, identify your ideal client and have them pay you for doing it.



Here are the things that I excel at …  and the services I provide that will bring you to discover your excellence, uncover your purpose and sell your services.


Social Media Marketing:  Who, What, Where and, How to find and connect with your ideal clients.


Storytelling Marketing

Using storytelling marketing to create Customer Experiences that build connection & trust requires Sharing Yourself.


You want to go into business for a reason and that reason is what makes your business unique.  When your potential customers know your story, they will come to know and trust you. And people who trust you will buy from you, recommend you and make your business grow. That is what Storytelling Marketing is all about.  Let me help you tell your story across your, website, social media and business communications.

Let me navigate and fill the gaps in planning, implementing and taking care of all your Inbound marketing needs.  Yes… even YELP.


Personal, Career & Entrepreneurial Coaching

I’m passionate about making things happen, doing the impossible and seeing women just like you inspired and successful.

Let me assist you in identifying the big picture of your passion and then focus it down to the details that will help you launch, run, and, succeed in all of your life’s desires.


Call me and so that we can explore the possibilities together.


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