Find what your good at, what feels right, what you love to do, what you’d do even if you weren’t being paid…

Find your Kung Fu.

I found it! Actually, them.

This Freelance Business is the combination of all the things I love and do well.

They are the reason I get up in the morning. (well, that and coffee)


Storytelling Marketing: Building Trust by Sharing Yourself:


You went into business for a reason and that reason is what makes your business unique.  When your potential customers know your story, they will come to know and trust you. And people who trust you will buy from you, recommend you and make your business grow. That is what Storytelling Marketing is all about.  Let me help you tell your story across your, website, social media and business communications.

Home Cooked Meals Prepared with Love:

As an artist, my most expressive and exciting medium is FOOD.

Personally eat Palio, but can design an eating lifestyle plan your body and health goals.


Virtual Gal Friday:

My degree is in business management and managment sciences.

I can build a mean spreadsheet, run a hot marketing funnel or, bring your new product to launch on time and under budget.


Get a little help from a friend:

I’m passionate about making things happen and doing the impossible.

Let me turn the little details of your life and business into the big picture vision you’ve dreamed of.

If you’re saying right now, “I could use a little help from someone like her.”,

Call me, we’ll talk and explore the possibilities together.