What would you love doing if you weren’t being paid?

That is what a friend asked his son when they were talking about what major he should choose in college. (actually Yale – the boy is going to Yale!)

That got me thinking… what would I be willing to get up at 5am to do? Cook, Coach, and Write. (actually, the writing part is more staying up until 5am)

After I graduated from the University of Maryland with my BS in Business Management & Management Sciences I found myself faced with a college degree and no experience outside of the food service industry. So, when life gives you lemons… make lemon meringue pie!

And make pies I did. I also got up at 5am every morning to make muffins and roast fresh turkey breast and beef. I make chicken salad and delicate fried eggplant slices. I took the bread delivery in and sliced the smoke salmon. I made gallons of coffee and wrote out the Specials menu all before 730am when I opened the front doors of Note’ Bene Cafe and Gourmet shop in Long Branch, NJ.

The cafe was my passion. I didn’t own it financially, but I was emotionally invested and in love with the art and science of running that amazing little shop.

What I loved most was my time in the kitchen. Just having the freedom to create and produce amazing home cooked meals was enough to keep me going for the 12-16 hour shifts. To know that my customers came to enjoy my creations and that I was being paid to do what I loved. What more could I ask for?

Years later, I ran my own personal chef business. And the same thing happened. I was in love with what I did. And I couldn’t wait to do it every day. Sure there were days when I couldn’t look at or smell food – I was still in the 1st trimester – hold onto your stomach- crunch. But other than that, it was a joy.

So that is one of the reasons I bring personal chef and home cooking services to my Freelance business. It is what I would do – even if I wasn’t being paid.

Bon Au Petite



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